Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skate Europe--two thumbs up

The last board related film I watched was lame. Tonight my experience was just the opposite. Netflix is streaming season one of Skate Europe, a skate documentary series presented by Vans. Countries covered in the three episodes I watched were Germany, France, and England. Each episode focuses on a country and follows a representative skater who is around my age. They document skating spots, history of skating in the region, and portray skaters that love it. The narration moves at a pretty mellow pace and fits well with my personality. I hope there will be more of these because they motivate me to skate and encourage younger skaters; and I also learned a bit about the development of skateboarding, which also makes skateboarding more meaningful. US films seem to take for granted the development of skateboarding, which could probably be said about surfing films too. Please add more Skate Europe (and Surf Europe!) and Netflix.

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