Tuesday, October 13, 2009

macatawa worked today

As I was dropping my son off at school I get a call from Scott that said: "Head high and glassy at Mac!" I had to go and grab some surf without wind on the lake. When I arrived it didn't look that good. There were waves and the wind was absent. But it was not what I had hoped to see. It looked pretty disorganized. However, I have learned by experience that lake surf is a different animal than beach breaks in California. And since I already made the 30 min drive there was no turning around.

It was a little bigger than it looked from the shore. It could have been in the the head-high range, 6 feet. But it was pretty weak, even for my 9.0. I got into a few OK waves. But it wasn't till Justin came and let me ride his short board when I was forced to hang on the inside and take what I could get. That was the ticket though. The inside worked awesome. Little wedges came through and Justin made a sweet board. The waves pitched enough to get a couple head coverings and there was enough juice to slap the lip with the shorty. It was a little hard for me to give Justin back his short board. But once I had my longboard back I just kept hitting the inside and got a lot of fun fast waves. Today was awesome. Thanks for the call Scott!

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