Wednesday, September 30, 2009

epicly later'd: john cardiel

Netflix delivered big time last night! I guess there is a series of short vids on skateboarders entitled "Epicly Later'd"--I discovered this after trying to find a video link on the film I watched last night, Epicly Later'd: John Cardiel. Ordinarily these are about 15 minutes. But this one was nearly an hour and a half. John Cardiel was an innovative skater from the Bay area in California. He ripped--understatement! To my shame, I knew very little of Cardiel. But this film chronicles his life for those who knew his greatness as well as  for people like me who can now appreciate the mark and innovation he gave to the skateboarding world. His skating career ended in an accident in Australia where he was paralyzed below the waiste. The documentary is full of F-bombs and other language not used in the average church. I say that as a disclaimer, but highly recommend watching for those who have even the remotest interest in the history of skateboarding.

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