Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post birthday outing

My birthday passed without any surf. But I was still jonesen for some board riding action. The next best thing to surfing is skateboarding. I don't do it all that much but it is still a treat to be able to get into some concrete waves. The fam and I set out to a skate park in East Lansing--Michigan's state capital. After about an hour of driving I dropped in to a nice 6 foot wall at Ranney Skate Park. I spent the most time in the 6 foot section that was sort of L shaped because it was really smooth with nice corners and an extension. It was the closest thing to a wave this weekend. There was also a tear-drop pool that went from 6 to 8 feet. Zelda caught the bug too!

see a few more pics


Unknown said...

If there isnt any surf, there's always concrete... Happy Birthday Dale!


Dale Williams said...

Totally. Thanks Jas.

Burly Surfboards said...

Very nice, you need to do something to scratch the itch because the lake sure isn't doing it right now. I have a parking ramp and a long board to introduce you to. Super fun! jb

Dale Williams said...

I am game for the parking ramp. That brings back memories.