Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no pictures but fun day at macatawa

Justin loaned me his Burly thruster and it was the board to ride today. When I arrived the waves looked so bad. I considered turning right around. But it is getting cold and I don't know how many more days of surfing there will be. So I put on the winter suit and nodded at the last two surfers leaving. It isn't a good sign when people are leaving. The waves were what I had expected for a while--small and mushy. After 40 minutes or so I decided to take little wave after little wave towards my car. But then there was this section on the inside that was really firing. Waves were breaking fast and pitching in one spot. I ended up spending the rest of the morning right in front of the walkway where we park at Mac. It was in the 3-5 foot range but super fun. I pulled into 5 barrels--almond shaped--and came out of two. Today I might have surfed the best waves I have surfed on the Lake!

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